Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

This G.T. Safety Composite footwear contains steel toecap and steel midsole, also optional non metallic protective toecaps and/or non metallic metallic protective midsoles.



Standard: EN ISO 20345:2011  (SB,  SBP,  S1,  S1P,  S2,  S3,  S4,  O4,  S5)


This international standard specifies basic and additional (optional) requirements for safety footwear used for general purposes. It includes, for example, mechanical risks, slip resistance, thermal risks, ergonomic behaviour.

Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

Specification for safety shoes model G331:

Upper is genuine Buffalo embossed leather, good finished;

Prospective Steel toecap protect from impact or drop objects smash;

Steel mid-sole protect from impact and puncture;

Spike resistant,

oil and acid resistant;

Shock absorb heel, Anti-static, Anti-alkali;

Anti-slip and water penetration resistant;

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Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

More Features:

Combining comfort, ankle support, unrivalled anti slip properties and the finest materials( genuine Buffalo leather) and raw components. The G.T.™ Safety Boot is a revelation in footwear construction. Lightweight construction optional S3 water resistant leather and a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep feet dry in the harshest of conditions. Full grain leather upper keeps feet warm in cold conditions and allows your feet to breath and remain comfortable in warm climates. Specially designed PU/Rubber outsole offers superior slip resistance and stability in the most demanding of conditions. All these designed and constructed boot will keep you safe when needed.

This style is the ideal choice for the oil, gas and construction industry. Oil and fuel resistant outsole ensures excellent slip resistance. It offer protection in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Heavy Metal Fabrication, Construction and General Manufacturing industries.

Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

Available Size:  Euro 37-48,  UK/USA 4-13


1 pair in a color box (our GT® brand or Customized brand)

10 pairs in a carton, size 62x35x42cm, 15/13kgs.

Basic Industrial Worker Safety Shoes G331

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CE Marking on a product indicates compliance with the essential requirements for health & safety as outlined in the EU Directive (89/686/EEC). This website brochure offers hundreds of items which are fully CE compliant. This G.T. Safety provides total assurance of product manufacturing standards.


Basic Function

Anti-slipping,Shock-absorption heel, Oil/fuel resistant, Weak acids/alkali resistant out-sole

SB - Basic safety footwear with steel toe-cap "200 J"

SBP - Same as SB + resistance to perforation

S1 - Same as SB + Closed seat region + A + E

S1P - Same as S1+ resistance to perforation

S2 - Same as S1 + WRU

S3 - Same as S2 + P + Cleaned Out-sole

Additional marking symbols

P - Penetration resistant out-sole tested at 1100 newtons

A - Electrical resistance between foot and ground of between 0.1 and 1000 Mega Ohms *

HRO - Heat resistant out-sole compound tested at 300ºC

E - Energy absorption of the seat region tested at 20 Joules

WRU - Water resistant upper leather

The standard of toe-cap

EN20345 Safety shoes and boots with a toe-cap, which is resistant to 200J

EN20346 Protective shoes and boots with a toe-cap, which is resistant to 100J

EN20347 work shoes and boots without toe-cap