Safety Reflective Vest G502

Vest, safety, warp knit, high visibility with reflective bands

100% Polyester 60-160gsm, mesh 50-120gsm

Color: fluorescent Orange, Red, Navy, Yellow, Green

2" horizontal reflective silver band tape in front and back

2" vertical upright silver stripe in front and back.

Size: S-5XL or one size fits all



Safety Reflective Vest G502

Optional Artwork:

Neon orange vest with "CUSTOMER" Logo on the back and optional "WORDS" inscribed below the logo. (logo printed on the left front chest)

Hi-Vis Jacket - Reflective G500

•  100% Polyester, Breathable material

•  Perfect for Outdoor Use

•  Keeping Worker Safe and Visible

•  Contrast Safe Reflecting for Stylish Look

•  Front velco or zipper Adjustable straps

•  Ordinary A1 Reflective Tape ; A2 high reflecting tape

Thoughtful details and a high quality construction mean our safety reflective vest is more comfortable and longer lasting than leading competitors. Ideal for warmer working conditions.

S56 x 68CM
M60 x 68CM
L62 x 68CM
XL64 x 68CM
XXL66 x 68CM
XXXL68 x 68CM

Application: traffic, building construction, roadwork, railway, truck, warehouse,parking.


one piece in a poly-bag, then 100 pieces put in carton.

67x28x34cm, 14/12 kg.

Safety Reflective Vest G502

Modern design, safety and wearer comfort are the main features of the GT Safety Vest. This style with reflecting contrast is perfect for risk, dark work environments where hi-vis protection warning is required..

G.T. Safety Reflecting Garment Benefits

These cool, casual range of garments meet our high standards for superior construction, and are rigorously and regularly comply to the most recent EN ISO 20471 standard. These styles have highly reflective properties and superior fluorescent colors that are easily discernible from any background. We Guaranteed Satisfaction Wear After Wear.


EN ISO 20471

This International Standard specifies requirements for high visibility clothing, which is capable of visually signaling the user’s presence. The high visibility clothing is intended to provide conspicuous of the wearer in any light condition when viewed by the operators of vehicles or other mechanized equipment during daylight conditions and under illumination of headlights in the dark.

High Visibility clothing has a fluorescent surface, combined with reflective material that meets certification requirements in 3 different classes:

- Class 3: Highest Level

Highest level of protection - required for any persons working on or near motorways or dual-carriage ways or airports. Must incorporate a minimum of 0.80m² of background material and 0.20m² of retro reflective materials. (4 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape)

- Class 2: Intermediate Level

Required for any persons working on or near A and B class roads, also for delivery drivers. Must incorporate a minimum of 0.50m² of background material and 0.13m² of retro reflective material. (2.60 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape)

- Class 1: Minimum Level

Minimum level of protection required for any persons working on a private road or to be used in conjunction with a higher classed garment. Must incorporate a minimum of 0.14m² of background material and 0.10m² of retro-reflective material. (2 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape)

EN 471:2003 + A1:2007

High Visibility Clothing

This standard was replaced by the new international standard EN ISO 20471:2013

Testing Amendments under EN ISO 20471:2013

1. The new standard requires that high visibility garments or fabrics are tested after washing. The number of washes (if greater than five) must be stated on the garment care label. This will increase safety and ensure that the ‘pre wash’ level of the high visibility garment is preserved even after washing.

2. All reflective tapes are in the highest category Class 2. Class 1 Reflective tape is no longer acceptable.

3. Retro-reflective tape – Performance after washing test method requires each cycle to be a wash and dry cycle.

4. Three high visibility fluorescent colours, yellow, orange and red meet the stringent requirements of EN ISO 20471. The contrast colour may be of any colour as long as it passes the EN ISO 20471 colour fastness test. This means it neither bleeds or impairs the protection provided by the high visibility fabric after washing.

5. Tensile strength, Burst strength, Tear strength requirements have been reduced.

6. Colourfastness to perspiration staining requirement has increased to level 4.

7. Colourfastness to washing/dry cleaning staining requirement is reduced to 4 for non-fluorescent fabrics.

8. Water vapour permeability requirements for fabrics (excluding EN343 fabrics) have been amended.